Reviews for Claire Kander in Pullman Porter Blues with Goodman Theatre:

"...the plucky stowaway Lutie (Claire Kander, a talented harmonica player and actress)." - Scott Morgan, Daily Herald

"Claire Kander exudes a pixie charm as the mysterious girl who drops into this night, causes trouble, wails on her dynamite harp and – having brought events to a rolling boil – vanishes. Is she more angelic than even Cephas might declare?” - Lawrence B. Johnson, Chicago on the Aisle

“Other strong performers are Steppenwolf’s Francis Guinan as Tex and Lutie played by Claire Kander.” – Richard Allen Eisenhardt, Chicago Theatre Reviews

“And another newcomer, Claire Kander, undergoes an amazing transformation as Lutie —an unkempt vagrant who develops a risky interracial friendship with Cephas.” - Zack Isaacs, 2CityTV

Reviews for Claire Kander in Alligator with Brikenbrak Theatre Project:

"Kander is the one who really drives the show forward. She is belligerent, self-destructive, and nuttier than a Payday, but ultimately engaging. She teases the audience into being on her side." - Chicago Theater Blog

"Claire Kander is instantly sympathetic but believably delusional as Velvet." - John Enright

"Claire Kander plays the lead Velvet, a tormented young lady haunted by her encroaching psychosis [...] These three actors weave magic upon the small Dream Theater stage and transform that dark space into a labyrinth winding through the darkest realms of the subconscious. They cry, shout, rage, and stand impotent and confused to great effect, each committing with every fiber of their being to wring their souls for a great performance…and they do."- Chicago Reader Blog

"Claire Kander is endearing in the lead despite some pretty grotesque behavior." --Tony Adle, Chicago Reader

Reviews for Kander in The Samaritan Syndrome with Brikenbrak Theatre Project:

"Claire Kander (Ada) had the most intriguing role to me and she was fully committed to her role and brought to life an untold story through her display of emotional depth." - Timothy McGuire, Chicago Critic

"The actors were convincing and there were a couple particularly strong performances by Nathan Randall as “Charming” and Claire Kander as “Ada”. - Chicago Horror review

Review for Kander in Alice of the house of Carroll with National Pastime Theatre:

"Alice (a very solid performance by Claire Kander, who has got to be exhausted after each performance)" - Al Bresloff, Chicago Critic